Valuable Image

Question 1

Team work in the organisation: Every organisation, either large or small struggles to acquire productivity so as to achieve success and maintain a valuable image in the world of organizational competitions. However, many organisations fail to achieve their objectives due to poor team work. Find out the prevailing conditions that hinder growth to organisational productivity.

Question 2

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, not the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change” Charles Darwin. Discuss the future of the conference industry and the implications for Buyers and Suppliers Do include the following strategic measures & their implications on buyers & suppliers

1) Unusual venues

2) Accessibility for disabled

3) Greening Conferences

4) HIGH safety & Security

5) Advanced Technology

Question 3

Write a 6 page proposal for one way to address a food-related ethical problem on our campus or in our communities. Use the following questions for guidance:

• What is a serious, food related ethical problem that needs to be fixed on our campus?

• What is a plausible solution that would best address this problem?

• Why is your solution the most ethical way to address the problem? What ethical principle(s) guide your solution?

• What objections do you expect to face from your intended audience? How can you address their concerns?

• What is at stake in this solution? What should your audience do with your proposal?

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