Utilizing SDAIE Strategies To Address Diversity And Language Struggles Within The Classroom

Focus Student Scenario:  Please read the information regarding both of the below-described focus students.    Select a minimum of three SDAIE strategies you would implement in order to help these students successfully reach their educational goals.  Please write a 5 to 7 paragraph essay in proper APA format (see “The Owl at Purdue” website for APA formatting rules) outlining what SDAIE strategies you will use, how you will reinforce those strategies with additional resources, and provide some ideas for assessing both focus students’ progress.    This alternate assignment is worth up to 40 possible grade points.

Darren Wong:   Darren is a first generation Hmong student who speaks some English.   His parents speak no English.   Hmong Daw is the primary language spoken at home.  Darren is a sophomore in high school.   Darren has good study habits, but is reading at a 6th grade level.   School is important to Darren and his parents and he is expected to go to college after graduating high school.   Darren is also behind in other subjects due to his reading level.  What strategies will you use to help Darren?

Rafael Villasenor:  Rafael is a first generation Hispanic student.  Rafael speaks some English.  His parents speak little to no English.  Spanish is the primary language spoken at home. Rafael is a freshman in high school.   Education is important to Rafael and his family, but there is no pressure in terms of college attendance vs. technical training or other career field choices.   Rafael’s study habits are average to below average.   Rafael is reading at a 5th grade level.  He is also behind in other subjects due to his reading level.  What strategies will you use to help Rafael?

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