Urban Spaces

My previous order, i wanted to a research about investigation some kind of video games in terms of architectural perspective. This time, as an addition i need at least one specific method or model. (In this step i need just names).

For example, there can be space syntax model or geometry analysis or morphology analysis or environment analysis.

As an example, Researching of players movement in video games. (it should be spesicif sometihng and uniqe)

because it will be a phd thesis so i need an uniq topic and mathematical survey or model.

-another example:  Reading urban spaces by the space-syntax method: A proposal for the South Haliç Region.

-If i changed this, Reading urban spaces by the space syntax method: A proposal for the x video game

(i is just an example)

This research paper shouldnt be just analyzing of video games in general way. For example; Analyzing of environment of role playing games in terms of architectural perspective with using space syntax model etc…  (This is just an example) Please help me chose to topic name and method. but of course it has to be written easily and finding source easily, i mean possible and acuurate topic in academic world.

I need at least 100 topic names or much more is better, with including methodoloy, method. And if my adviser say yes, we will contine with you, i hope. This will be a phd thesis. My department is architecture but i focused on video games. I try to combine both of them with each other in some way. However we didnt find a spesicif point. Maybe development a model about this or maybe something else.

My previous order number is #987613  Game design. Please check it. It was very nice, we like that paper. Now, we need different thing. My adviser said that, you should narrow your topic and maybe should develop something uniqe model about that or etc. That order contains popular different video games and their genres analyzing in architectural way. Maybe we just choose one specific genre. İ mean less genres more details maybe and end of research there was a model creation maybe. It was just example. Of course it could be something else. Thank you.

Shortly, we have to base this topic on something and we need specify something. 

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