United States Welfare System

Please read the Public Policy Perspective on page 238 of the textbook and select a state or federal government program for the poor (i.e. SNAP, Medicaid, etc.) and prepare a 2 page paper discussing the program and poverty thresholds (i.e. at what threshold is a person or family poor). Please submit your paper in APA format and include a cover and reference page. Additionally, you are required to support your paper with evidence from the textbook and at least one (1) scholarly journal.
Please utilize the following resource and keep the questions listed below in mind when writing your paper:
Read: American Enterprise Institute: “A Safety Net That Works: Improving Federal Programs for Low-Income Americans”

1. Do you think the proposed solutions presented in the article will improve accountability and innovation in the U.S. welfare system? Why?
2. Do you think low-income Americans will be able to get out of the poverty cycle if we follow the recommendations presented in the article? Why?

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