United States History

As a component of the course requirements for History 201, you must compose an 5-page research paper on a topic of your choosing from the list provided. For this paper, you must create a focused research question, perform detailed research of the topic, develop a hypothesis for argumentation and generate conclusions based on analysis of evidence. Your paper must be clear, concise and devoid of grammatical or historical mistakes. You will present a well-researched paper that brings us to a natural conclusion based on evidence and arguments presented in your finding.

  1. 5 pages
  2. A strong well supported thesis
  3. Appropriate citation and formatting (MLA, APA or Chicago Manual of Style will be accepted)
  4. Free of grammatical mistakes
  5. 6-10 peer reviewed scholarly sources. (These must be obtained through the library research tool provided by the college or peer reviewed/scholarly research) Any questions regarding appropriate sources should be directed to the instructor.
    a. .coms, encyclopedias, some. orgs, .nets, Wikipedia, etc.… will be prohibited
  6. Powerful argumentation with supporting evidence is required.
    a. Ex. You may claim that an event happened due to the impact of another event. If so, you must do the research to support the claim.
  7. An effective introduction to set the stage for your work and a conclusion that provides satisfying closure to your paper.
  8. A full rough draft complete with all pages and necessary citations.

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