Unit VI Project: Sales Campaign

This assignment will focus on developing a written sales campaign for a product of your choosing. To support this campaign, you will develop three distinct types of written business communications.
Select a product that you like or use. Using this product as a base, design and write the steps you would use to create a sales campaign presentation for your product that includes four components:
First, you will write a minimum of two pages based on strategies. Include the elements below the presentation strategies for your sales campaign:

  • Describe the four common delivery methods of communicating ideas.
  • Recommend tips for speakers addressing the media during the campaign.
  • Recommend powerful visual and auditory aids to be used in the campaign.
  • Explain strategies that can be used to enhance the effectiveness of the sales campaign message.
    Second, you will write a minimum of a one-page business letter to your supervisor explaining your campaign. You may draft your own professional version.
    Third, you will write a half-page memo to your co-workers announcing and outlining the campaign.
    Finally, you will conclude your project with a one-page summary of what you learned from this writing project. Use real-life examples of how you can apply what you have learned. Include in this section any challenges you faced in the activity or feel still lie ahead in your journey for improved written communication.
    Your project should be a combined minimum total of four pages, not counting the title or reference pages. Include all four parts of this project in one document which you will upload in Blackboard. You must use at least one source other than your textbook to support your project summary. All sources used must have citations and references formatted in APA Style. APA formatting is otherwise not required.

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