Unit Plan: Alignment Assignment


One of the most important aspects of planning is aligning instruction to required standards. There are many important components of a lesson plan. A lesson is driven by the learning objective. This outlines what the teacher wants their students to accomplish within that specific lesson. It should be measurable/observable and match the assessment/evaluation. This Unit Plan: Alignment Assignment will provide you with practice writing effective learning objectives that are aligned to state standards and matching them with appropriate formative or summative assessments.


In preparation for creating a detailed lesson plan in the following module, and a week learning module later in the course, you will work on aligning state standards, written objectives, and correlating assessments. The state standard (SOL) should be taken from the Unit Plan: Foundation Assignment. Please complete the following steps:

  • Complete the Unit Plan: Alignment Explanation and Practice activity (This portion is for practice only. You are not required to submit this, but it will provide you with the instruction and practice needed to be successful on the Unit Plan: Alignment Assignment.)
  • Complete the Unit Plan: Alignment Template with the following information:
    • State Standard (Virginia Standards of Learning- SOL):
      • Include a single SOL, which was included in the Unit Plan: Foundation Assignment.
    • Objectives:
      • You will write three daily learning objectives. The objectives should be measurable and/or observable and include criteria. They should connect to the corresponding assessments.
    • Level of Rigor:
      • List the objective verb and the corresponding Bloom’s Taxonomy Level of Rigor for each of three objectives.
    • Assessment:
      • Describe three assessments/evaluations that correspond with each objective.

Refer to the Unit Plan: Alignment Sample and Unit Plan: Alignment Grading Rubric prior to completing this Unit Plan: Alignment Assignment.

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