Unit Plan: Accommodations Assignment


This is the final portion of the Unit Plan. In the last module, you completed a weeks’ module. In this module, you will create accommodations for various special needs. The building process throughout the course will leave you with a thorough plan for instruction that is multi-faceted and meets the needs of unique learners.


Utilizing the Unit Plan: Accommodations Template, create ten accommodations to support students with the week of lesson plans you submitted in the Unit Plan: Module Assignment. One of the accommodations will be the Classroom Arrangement which will apply to all students in the class. For the remaining nine accommodations, choose nine student profiles from the provided Case Studies document and then create accommodations that will scaffold the lessons for students with various disabilities. Within your plan for ten accommodations that correspond to your week’s module, please include the following:

  • Classroom Arrangement – Show the floor plan for your classroom layout and include a detailed rationale that includes the students from the 9 case studies you selected, as well as other students that you may create for your class.
  • Rewritten Text – Find a passage or excerpt from a text that connects with your module. Include the reading level and source. Also, provide a lower-level passage along with the reading level and source. Align this accommodation with a student from the Case Studies document.
  • Adaptive & Assistive Technology – Include a form of adaptive and/or assistive technology. Explain the item, the purpose behind it, and how it supports the content from the module. Include a picture of the adaptive technology. Utilize the Assistive and Adaptive Technologies and 8 examples of assistive technology and adaptive tools links provided with this assignment to begin a search to learn more about these technologies. Align this accommodation with a student from the Case Studies document.

In addition to the three accommodations listed above and on the Unit Plan: Accommodations Template (Classroom Arrangement, Rewritten Text, Adaptive & Assistive Technology), create seven additional and appropriate accommodations to support the special needs of the remaining students you have selected from the Case Studies document. Each accommodation should be described in detail, include some type of visual, and should coincide with the curriculum and needs of the students for success in the general classroom.

Refer to the Unit Plan: Accommodations Grading Rubricand Unit Plan: Accommodations Sample for more details on the expectations of this assignment.

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