Understanding mental health

Evaluate a range of models used to explain mental ill health. Biomedical model of mental ill health, Psychodynamic model of mental health and Biosychosocial model .Analyse public and media attitudes towards people with mental ill health. Analyse the impact of sterotyping and discrimination on people with mental ill health
Use reputable papers eg the sun or daily mail. Compare how they place a more negative perception on mental health than a more reputable one e.g The gurdian etc. Make sure you cover public and media attitudes and how the medias coverage impacts on the Publics perception. How have the Publics attitude changed over time? Look at how far we have come, look at past attitudes and attitudes today- still hace some way to go.use statistics and actual case studies. Use positive and negative examples. Use 1 positive representation of mental ill health and one negative example of representation of mental health, within the media( example positiveand negative from Tv, positive and negative from tabloid/newspapers, from books, positiveand negative from film). Analyse the impact of sterotyping and discrimination on people with mental ill health-Define terms and use theories. Use referenced research to support your arguments- cite actual cases if possible.
Introduction needs to be solid, talk about what you are going to explore within the essay.

Conclusion, no new information sum up everything spoken about. Start narrow and then finish broad with implications of what you have discussed link it to the tittle.

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