Types of plate Boundaries


  • Choose 1 (ONE) plate boundary type and watch the corresponding simulation and videos on the Videos of Plate Boundary Features page.
  • What are the FeaturesHazards, and Risks to Humans associated with this plate boundary?
  • feature is an object, like a mountain range.
  • hazard is a possible event, like an avalanche or an earthquake.
  • Risk to humans is an assessment of the danger that humans face, due to the features and hazards of the plate boundary type. If a hazard exists, how likely is it to be dangerous to humans?
  • What geographic locations are featured in these simulations/videos?
  • How do these features support the Theory of Plate Tectonics?

respond to other students — who posted about different plate boundary types than you — with the following information

  • How are your two plate boundary types similar? What makes them different?
  • Which plate boundary type seems more hazardous?
  • Which plate boundary type would you prefer to live near?

The plate boundary I will be describing is ocean- ocean convergent boundary. The features of a ocean-ocean convergent boundary is that both plates collide and the most dense will subduct into it. The plate will rise through a rise of a volcano in the ocean.

A hazard of an ocean-ocean convergent boundary is the earthquakes, tsunami, and volcanic eruptions will occur. When there is a high magnitude earthquake, people will be alerted about a tsunami. In the case of a tsunami, people will have to reach a place of higher ground. Also for volcanoes, people are mandated to leave the island.

The geographic location that is featured in the video’s is Thailand, New Zealand (Australian plate), Japanese Coast Guard, and Northern Japan. Also, there were descriptions of the US explorers investigating underwater in the ocean. The features support the theory of plate tectonics for ocean-ocean convergent boundary is the older plate will subduct into the other plate, which initiates an earthquake. Afterwards, the plate will melt off the mantle materials to create a volcanic eruption, thus the subduction zone

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