Trends In Nursing

Issues/Trends Paper:
During each quarter of Advanced Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner practicum, students are
required to write a brief paper focusing on a specific issue/trend related to current practice. The purpose of
this assignment is multifaceted. First, issues and trends comprise an appreciable part of the national Acute
Care Nurse Practitioner certification exam. Since class time will not be used to address potential
issues/trends, it is of paramount importance that students maintain currency in the reading of professional
literature, as well as receive additional information through other forms of media. Second, this exercise
requires synthesis of a continuously developing body of knowledge while presenting key elements in a
comprehensive and scholarly manner with clarity and succinctness. All papers are expected to reflect the
student’s graduate standing in the College of Nursing.
Each student enrolled in AHN 573 will submit a scholarly paper related to the following topic: “Business and
Legal Considerations for the Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner.” Papers will be evaluated
with consideration to the following:

  1. Comprehensive presentation of issue(s)/trend(s).
  2. Review, synthesis, and inclusion of current literature related to the topic.
  3. Writer’s conclusions and summation of the issue(s)/trend(s).
  4. Scholarliness in writing (development, organization, sentence structure, spelling, and
    grammar including third person writing, use of APA, etc.).
    The paper must be typed and follow strict APA (6th edition) format. The body of the paper (excluding the
    title page and reference page) must be 5-6 pages in length. A minimum of ten (10) current references are
    required. At least seven (7) of the references must be from professional journals. References should not be
    older than three (3) years. See grading criteria.
    Issues/Trends Paper Due Date March 21, 2016 Failure to submit may result in a grade of a “zero” on the
    AHN 573 Advanced Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nursing II
    “Business and Legal Considerations for the Adult-Gerontology
    Acute Care Nurse Practitioner”
    (15 points)
    I. Comprehensive presentation of Issue(s)/Trends(s).
    A. Reimbursement Issues
  5. Describe each of the following major reimbursement methods and their
    application to the Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner:
    a. Current procedural terminology (CPT) coding system.
    b. Medicare coverage (Part A and Part B)
    c. Medicaid
    d. Fee for service indemnity plans
    (15 points)
    B. Legal theories as they relate to the Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse
    Practitioner and the following concepts.
  6. Professional (Medical) Negligence
  7. Essential Elements (select four of the nine to discuss)
    a. Duty
    b. Breach of the duty
    c. Causation
    d. Harm/Damages
    e. Lack of informed consent/refusal
    f. Battery
    g. Withholding/withdrawal of treatment
    h. False imprisonment
    i. Breach of confidentiality
    (20 points)
    C. Legal considerations for practice
  8. Failure to adequately assess/obtain adequate history
  9. Failure to diagnose/misdiagnosis
  10. Failure to properly treat or intervene
  11. Failure to obtain a timely consult or referral
    (50 points)
    II. Scholarliness in Writing
    A. Development, organization and sentence structure.
    B. Spelling, grammar, and third person writing.
    C. Use of APA format.
    D. Uses transitional sentences between paragraphs.
    E. Uses very minimal, if any, direct quotations.
    F. Uses literature appropriately to support statements/positions.
    G. Uses literature appropriately to support statements/positions.
    H. Maintains assigned paper length (body 5-6 pages).

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