Treatment of Depression

• Dear writer, please write total 6 pages (3-4 pages paper and Johns Hopkins summary tool) addressing following questions. Instructions are attached. Also attaching the John Hopkins Research Evidence Appraisal tool and individual evidence summary tools. Please use scholarly resources within 5 years.

Purpose- The purpose of this assignment is to develop a synthesis of evidence using five research articles to support an evidence-based intervention.
The development of the Johns Hopkins Individual Evidence Summary Tool builds a body of research evidence about a practice problem and evidence-based intervention for implementation in a practice change project. Continually adding research studies to the Johns Hopkins Individual Evidence Summary Tool builds the foundation for the synthesis of research for a practice change project. As you incorporate published research study findings into your own writing, you create a synthesis of the research information. A synthesis requires critical reading and thinking to compare different material, highlighting similarities, differences, and connections. Please note that this week 4 assignment is the is the first part of the Week 6 assignment. You will receive feedback from your course faculty on this assignment and will be required to use the feedback to revise this paper and add as a section of the Week 6 assignment.

Instructions Follow these guidelines when completing each component of this assignment. Contact your course faculty if you have questions.

  1. Download the following tools linked below (located in the Student Resource Center under Project & Practicum Resources).
    a. Link (Word doc): Johns Hopkins Research Evidence Appraisal ToolLinks to an external site.
    b. Link (Word doc): Johns Hopkins Individual Evidence Summary ToolLinks to an external site.
  2. Use five (5) level I, II, or III peer-reviewed primary research studies and/or systematic reviews that focus on the evidence-based intervention for the selected practice problem. Four research articles that focus on the evidence-based intervention included in this synthesis may be from previous courses. One peer-reviewed research article that focuses on the evidence-based intervention must be new to this synthesis and not used in previous courses. All articles should be current, published within the past 5 years. Enter the articles for the synthesis into the Johns Hopkins Individual Evidence Summary Tool. For new articles for this synthesis, Highlight the author’s name in the Johns Hopkins individual Evidence Summary Table.

The assignment includes the following components:

  1. Title Page
    a. Title of the paper
    b. Student name
    c. University College of Nursing
    d. Course number and course name
    e. Session month and year
  2. Introduction (30 pts)
    a. Write a one-sentence purpose statement.
    b. Introduce the practice problem. (Cited)
    c. Introduce the evidence-based intervention using research study evidence. (Cited)
  3. Describe the significance of the practice problem at the national level (1 paragraph). (45pts)
    a. Significance
    b. Prevalence
    c. Mortality
    d. Economic ramifications of the practice problem. (Cited)
  4. Evidence Synthesis: Using a minimum of five research articles (published within the past 5 years) to support the evidence-based intervention, write a synthesis of evidence to include the following: (55 pts)
    a. Include a minimum of 5 research articles to support the evidence-based intervention with citations (4 articles can be from previous courses).
    b. Identify and discuss the main themes and salient points that emerge from the sources. (Cited)
    c. Contrast the main points from evidence sources. (Cited)
    d. Present an objective overarching synthesis of research statement supporting the evidence-based intervention. (Cited)
  5. Conclusion (30 pts)
    a. Include a summary of practice problem.
    b. Include a summary of the evidence synthesis which supports the evidence-based intervention (cite all sources).
  6. Appendix: Johns Hopkins Individual Evidence Summary Table (40 pts)
    a. Include the Johns Hopkins Individual Evidence Summary Tool as the Appendix (With only one appendix, there is no need to label this Appendix A).
    b. Complete all sections of the Johns Hopkins Individual Evidence Summary Tool for each research study.
    c. Identify the quality and the level of evidence for all research studies.
    d. Enter the information for a minimum of 5 research articles level I, II, or III that focus on the evidence-based intervention and published within the last 5 years into the Johns Hopkins Individual Evidence Summary Table.
  7. APA Standards and References, Clarity Writing (20 pts)
    a. Use appropriate Level I headers.
    b. Create the reference page.
    c. Each reference has a matching citation and citations are in current APA style.

Project topic- Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction as an Alternative Treatment for Mild to Moderate Depression

To improve the daily personal and professional functioning of patients with psychiatric mental illness such as major depressive disorder or anxiety disorder.
Translation Science Model: Knowledge-to-Action Model
PICOT- In adult patients with mild to moderate depression at an outpatient mental health clinic, does implementation of MBSR compared to standard care improve depression symptoms in 8-10 weeks?

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