Transition Stage and Working Stage

  1. Identify how, as the group leader, you would both recognize and address conflict within your group.
  • Discuss how you might handle reluctance in the group. Identify specific interventions and strategies you could employ.
  • Corey identifies several guidelines for effectively dealing with challenging clients in a group. Identify one element of these guidelines and consider a specific type of challenging client. How could you use this guideline in your group when dealing with a challenging client?

Working Stage


  1. Identify how you, as a group leader, would recognize and identify characteristics of the working stage within your group.
  • Discuss some interventions you, as the group leader, might employ during the working phase of the group process.
  • Corey identifies several therapeutic factors of the group. Discuss one of these characteristics and what processes in your group would illustrate it.

5 References

(scholarly) in APA format. you should use the same references throughout these assignments as appropriate.

Instructions APA 7th cover sheet. 5 References no older than 2019 Please provide headers following the questions .

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