Training Seminar on Innovation

Develop a training seminar for a group of professionals.

Develop a training seminar that addresses these main points:

1) What are the characteristics of a person who successfully leads innovation in an organization?

2)What key attributes must he or she consistently exhibit for employees, subcontractors, and customers to eagerly participate in the ideation and development of new products, services, or ideas? Demonstrate that these characteristics are necessary for all countries and throughout history. 

3)What practical and actionable advice do you recommend to transform their organizations?

Technical requirements:   

Length: Presentation should be no less than 30 minutes and have no fewer than 10 slides of content (not including title and references). There is not a limit on the maximum length. 

Professional PowerPointDevelop a professional PowerPoint. I highly recommend that you conduct research on how to develop a professional PowerPoint if you do not have sufficient experience.

Resources: Use no less than 10 resources. Include a reference slide at the end of the presentation.

Teaching notes: should show the source of all information and have substantial information/detail that someone else familiar with the topic could present your presentation.

Direct quotes on slides: give proper attribution and lookup professional tips for writing quotes on a PPT slide. 

“Group of professionals” can be: coworkers, adults in an organization or church, friends, classmates. A group is 2 or more ADULTS.

Add teaching notes

Common Issues with the quality of PowerPoint Presentations

  1. Lacking visual appeal
  2. Writing too much content on slides
  3. Not understanding how and when to show the source of information on a slide

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