Training Packet

Question 1

After reading The Road, determine an aspect of the novel that interests you. For example, you might be interested in the father-son relationship, the boy’s cognitive development, the father’s motivation, or any number of other aspects. Then, find a theory that will help you to explain that aspect of the novel. A theory is a set of principles that has been tested, is widely accepted, and is used to explain or analyze something. You could use a theory from psychology, philosophy, sociology, theology, or even physics.

For instance, an analysis of the father-son relationship could be conducted using Baumrind, Macoby, and Martin’s parenting theory, or an analysis of the power structure depicted in the novel could be conducted using a concept from sociological theory. You’re looking for a specific theory (not making up your own theory), something more than a cliché like “safety in numbers” or “love conquers all.” Ultimately, the theory will help you to develop your thesis.

Question 2

You have attended a conference on the impact of substance abuse on relationships and families. You have been asked by your boss to develop a training packet for your agency’s in-service department.

  • Explain the current theories of addiction and how those addictions affect the individual as well as the family (behaviorally, psychologically, physically, and socially).

Many individuals often experience domestic violence from the substance abuser.

  • Identify the signs and patterns of domestic violence.
  • Identify the treatment, prevention, and recovery resources that are available and the process for securing those resources.

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