Training and Development

The following questions are related to the Moodle Book and Raymond Noe (2020)’s book on Training & Development. Please respond to all these questions in one thread. Please number your response based on the question numbers below.

In addition to your answers to the questions, please create one open-ended question that relates to one of the chapters to start a discussion with your peers. This question could be something that you considered when reading the chapters and reviewing other sources, or something you’ve experienced that is conflicting with, or similar to the material.

  1. Pick one of the future trends listed in this Module’s eBook, and analyze how it might affect training and development programs. What new skills will trainers need to be successful in the future?
  2. How does social media influence the expectations of employees about learning, training and development?

Each response written is labeled “Essay Response 1, Essay Response 2. Write a response to each essay, adding additional insight/info they didn’t include or your own thoughts backed up with either the textbook or other scholarly sources related to the topic. Do not respond to the initial essay, respond to these responses. You can also choose to respond to the person’s Open Ended Question. Each reply should be 150 words and use at least 1 source, which can be the ebook, textbook or outside source. Please don’t throw in words like, For Instance or For example or Foremost or Firstly, Secondly, In Conclusion or any other words that are pointless and unnecessary and meant to just add to the word count. Just write the responses as best as you can.

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