Total Monetary Needs

Question 1

What does it mean to live below the poverty level? Determine the income for a family of four living in poverty. Be sure your response identifies income levels for poverty based on current U.S. National averages.

Describe and analyze such a family’s total monetary needs to live one week, including housing expenses, food, childcare, transportation, and all other possible expenses.

Imagine one of the children becomes ill on Wednesday, requiring medical expenses and three days of lost wages for one parent (roughly 100% of the total weekly budget). Explain the consequences for the family, including consequences for the family’s budget and lifestyle. Discuss how they obtain food and cover the various expenses associated with day-to-day living and maintenance of well-being. Suggest one or two human services that might be put in place to serve needs such as those described in the scenario.

Question 2

Answer the following questions. For the first question, your answer should be written in a 5-paragraph essay or similar format. Questions 2 and 3 can be answered using a full paragraph.

  1. Compare and contrast structural functionalist and conflict theories’ approaches to American medicine. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each approach?
  2. Television programs in the United States like The Biggest Loser emphasize that a cultural belief of having a slim body is more highly valued here than having a larger, heavier, fleshier body. How is this perspective an example of how the nature of health is defined by its social rather than biological context?
  3. How did food deserts emerge, and what is their effect on the health of nearby residents?

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