Topographic Maps

Introductory Physical Geology: Laboratory Manual by Coast Learning Systems; ISBN:9781465270009 Edition: 1; Copyright: 2012.
Authored by Greg Gardiner AND Susan Wilcox.

The topics covered is Topographic Maps. Contour lines on a topographic map are lines of equal elevation. If you cross contour lines you have gone uphill or downhill.

Your response should explore the idea of topographic contours. You can do so by following one of the prompts below.

Consider the spacing of contour lines. Describe the slope of the land surface if they are close together or far apart.
Imagine that you are standing on a hill slope, looking at a stream below. You want to cross the stream, but are feeling a bit lazy and don’t want to change elevation. Will you walk upstream or downstream to cross the stream. Given your response, which direction (upstream or downstream) will contours V (close out)?
Why might the contour interval on some maps be different than it is on other maps? Pick an example and explain.
Your response must be at least 250 words long.

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