Time-based competition

Prepare an individual report that covers the following aspects:
Give a brief overview of time-based competition and how organisations have evolved to make their supply chain processes faster. (15%)

Review current literature on time-based competition, identifying the key elements required to be successful in delivering great quality in time-sensitive operations. Your review must give examples that demonstrate wider reading including facts and figures from a variety of industries. Your review must also evaluate the information presented and give the reader an insight into your educated viewpoints on the subject and the content you have presented. (40%)

Apply the ideas/concept of time-based competition to an organisation you are a familiar with. Outline how they deliver their products/services using time-based competition concepts. In your discussion consider the industry and other environmental constraints that influence their approach. (30%)

Critically evaluate their effectiveness compared to industry standards and their prospects going forward. (15%)

Note : Please don’t choose big companies like Honda, Toyota, Sony.
Choose small, weak and existing companies.

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