Thesis On Course Materials

  1. A thesis statement, and a justification of that thesis statement in light of the course materials. This should state what your argument will be.
  2. A brief illustration of how the steps of the argument will unfold.
  3. A preliminary list of sources beyond the course materials (we will provide feedback on this once the plan is received), and how they fit into this argument. Are you using them primarily because they provide information? Do they give arguments that support your own? Are they important as counter-arguments, but ones that must be addressed in order to make the argument stronger?


The above are the criteria on which this particular assignment will be assessed: i.e. is there an attempt to engage the course materials? Is there an attempt to show that you have given thought to the need for a well-ordered argument? You are not expected to know the full literature on the topic at the outset, or to construct an argument that fully reflects the current scholarly range on the topic: that is why we are asked to prepare this plan in the first place, so that we can provide this kind of feedback before you write the essay.

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