Theory and Co-existence of People

Question Description

  1. Briefly explain why Charles Taylor states in “The Politics of Recognition” (in the volume Multiculturalism) that “liberalism can’t and shouldn’t claim complete cultural neutrality.” In other words, why does Taylor dispute liberal claims to neutrality? 
  2. Provide one specific example of the kind of cultural accommodation that Charles Taylor and other proponents of multiculturalism support. The example you describe could be one that has come up in this course (e.g., in the readings) or one that you have identified on your own. Be as specific as possible in identifying the policy involved and who or what it is designed to preserve or promote. 
  3. Identify and briefly explain one of the major arguments that is sometimes raised against group-specific rights and related cultural accommodations such as those favored by Charles Taylor. 
  4. In Talking to Strangers, Danielle Allen argues that habits as well as institutions are important in determining citizenship. What kinds of behaviors or activities do habits include and why do habits matter for citizenship? 
  5. In Talking to Strangers, Danielle Allen cites Ralph Ellison’s work to argue that sacrifice is a “preeminent” ritual in democracy. Briefly explain Allen’s (also Ellison’s) claim that democracy makes sacrifice a critical ritual for citizenship.

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