Theoretical Critique of Intervention

Theoretical Critique of Intervention: (Techniques Based on Gestalt and Psychodrama Principles with Empty chair intervention


What is the Purpose of the intervention, rationale for selection of the intervention, critique the implementation of the intervention, any insights on how to improve it in the future with the client, additional ideas or possibilities for growth on this approach.

Clients’ problem

Clients presenting issue: Feeling of anxiety and being overwhelmed in her new position has impacted her fun activities and sleep pattern. She is afraid she is going to ‘fail’ or ‘mess-up’ especially when she is taking on new responsibility (like a pattern). She is struggling to balance her graduate studies and her 2 jobs (her new position and a part time job). Although she has support from her fiancé’s family that now leaves with her but still struggles with self-confidence. Having externalized the problem as ‘bully’ after the 3rd session, she is still overwhelmed by the voice of the ‘bully’.


Integrated therapeutic relationship skills into the session  / 10
Clinical Appropriateness of implemented Interventions and Techniques / 25
Theoretical Framework/Description of Relevant Theory / 20
Justification and support of Choices Made (i.e,, Themes Presented by Client; Literature, etc) / 30
Professional writing style and format

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