The World at War and the Fires Between

There are many Holocaust memorials around the world. For this assessment, you will create your own.


Your presentation should include:

A title
At least five photographs dealing with the causes, events, and effects of the Holocaust
At least one cause of the Holocaust—an idea or event before the Hitler’s National Socialist (Nazi) Party took power in 1933.
At least one event of the Holocaust—a specific historical episode between 1933 and 1945. At least one effect of the Holocaust—something after the liberation of the concentration camps in 1945
captions for each photograph that are at least two complete sentences a one paragraph reflection on how we can prevent future genocides
For your reflection, consider the decisions made at Evian Conference in 1938. Broadly speaking, the major military powers of the world that saw the German leadership’s intention to invade their neighbors and the beginning of genocidal policies. They had two very broad decisions:
Increase the number of refugees they let in to save lives, which risked German spies coming in and worsening unemployment in their countries, or keep the refugee quota the same?
Send troops to stand up to Germany, risking making the same mistake as World War I, or continue to use diplomacy?

In your one paragraph reflection, address if you agree with the decision made by the participants of the Evian Conference.

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