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Search the web and find a specific example that illustrates how changes in the population of one species can affect another species in the same ecosystem. Note that for this assignment you are not just describing a population change in one species! The assignment is to describe two species’ interaction how one species is affecting another, due to changes in its population size. Keep in mind that changes could be either an increase or decrease in population size.

Also, one caveat. You may not use humans as one of your species.

a. What are the TWO species involved in your example? What is their ecosystem?

b. Identify the role of each species are they producers, herbivores, carnivores, etc.? Describe the interspecific interaction(s) between them: how they are interdependent on one another.

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c. How have the populations of these two species changed and what is/are the mechanism(s) of that change (ie., what are the reasons)? Be specific here. You should link your answer to this question to your scholarly reference(s), using in text citations.

d. Hypothesize what may be the eventual outcome of this situation and why. Is there anything that humans should or are doing to affect this interaction?

Title your post with names of your species and be sure your answers are clearly labeled as &quota, b., c.” etc. As always, include references and write with your own words. To obtain full credit you need to submit a substantial post that contributes to your classmates learning, and reply to at least two of your classmates. Note that you cannot post on the same species as one of your classmates.

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