The Scorch Trials

During this entire unit we have focused on Making Connections to our novels. For your final novel study project, you will choose ONE of the project mediums from the list below, to create a project that displays your understanding of ALL THREE Making Connections areas: Text to Self, Text to World, Text to Text. Your project should include the following three parts
Part A: Text to Self will focus on CHARACTERS and your personal connection to them. You will choose a character from the novel and display your understanding of their situation, choices, relationships, actions or reactions to throughout their development. You will compare these to your own life and how you may have handled, understood, or challenged the situation. This is your chance to show your understanding of character analysis and also how you relate or not, to the character.
Part B: Text to Text will focus on SETTING and how it influences the story. You will find another novel or media and discuss how the two settings are similar or different and how they affect the characters and plot. This is your chance to show your understanding of various literary features of written work and how they affect the overall story.
Part C: Text to World will focus on THEME and how your novel can be connected to the real world. You will first identify a theme from your novel and then demonstrate your understanding of it in relation to a real-world example. You may connect it to a real-world news story or to your life as a high school student. Make sure to display a strong understanding of theme, and how you connect with it. Your theme should be written as a complete sentence.

Your job is to create a project that shows your understanding of the three parts above. You can choose one of the following project mediums that you feel will best display your knowledge. Remember, you can choose any of the projects below, however some will allow for a better display of in depth understanding. If you choose a simple project, your mark will most likely reflect that. Choose a medium that will best suit your abilities. Below is a list of options to choose from:
Video TedTalk
Powerpoint Presentation
Series of Graphic Organizers
Series of Blog Posts
Longer Editorial
Formal Essay
Learning Target(s): Exemplary (6/6): Student analyzes the text with depth and insight, identifying and explaining subtle thematic and symbolic elements. Student demonstrates a thorough understanding of character, setting, and theme. Student makes meaningful personal connections between self, text, and world by providing detailed examples with rich explanation. Student demonstrates extended thinking by using appropriate strategies to display a higher level of inquiry, with maturity of voice.
Ideas and Content: Exemplary (6/6): Students will demonstrate strong and insightful connections and comparisons. Students will show in depth thought and complex authentic connections to text, self, and world. Content is clear, concise and true. Accomplishes the purpose with originality, individuality, maturity, and sophistication.
Organization and Conventions: Exemplary (6/6): Students provide a clear description of their purpose with logical sequence. The assignment has clearly been edited for spelling, grammar, punctuation and fluency. The language used is mature and enhances the overall tone.
Connecting Support: Exemplary (6/6): Students show excellent understanding, strong connection, and original ideas that demonstrate their learning process and growth. Examples are thoroughly explained and relevant.

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