The Scientific Method

Scientific discovery is based upon the use of the scientific method. This is a very structured, logical method to approach any problem, not just in science. In the scenario for your discussion this week, you will be assigned to work with Tanesha, a researcher for a major pharmaceutical company, who will help you to reach a conclusion regarding the effectiveness of a plant to treat various health disorders. Then, you will determine the validity of sources by applying the critical thinking skills discussed in this week’s reading material.

Review the Scientific Method and Critical Thinking sections in your required readings this week. After reviewing the readings, discuss how you would use the scientific method in the following scenario. You must apply all of the steps in the scientific method: make an observation, develop a testable hypothesis, perform an experiment, analyze the results of the experiment, reach a conclusion, and consider the next steps (e.g., make new predictions and test them or communicate the results).

  1. Tanesha, a researcher for a major pharmaceutical company, has tasked you with helping her test a plant that, according to the locals, has major health benefits. Locals claim that the moringa leaf may be a good treatment for various disorders, including asthma, edema, constipation, diabetes, seizures, ulcers, headaches, kidney stones, and hypertension. Additionally, they believe that the plant might help to fight infections caused by the Salmonella In your response to the discussion question, you will:
    1. Choose ONE of the disorders listed (i.e., asthma, edema, constipation, diabetes, seizures, ulcers, headaches, kidney stones, hypertension, or Salmonella infection)
    1. Apply the steps of the scientific method to reach a conclusion regarding the potential use of this plant to treat your selected health disorder. Note: You must apply all
    1. Communicate your conclusion to your peers.
  2. After you have reached a conclusion, find one reliable and one non-reliable source regarding the claims about the moringa leaf. Share these sources in your response, clearly labeling which is reliable and which is not. Explain how you determined the reliability of each source. Please ensure that the sources are formatted as per APA-formatting guidelines.
    1. For additional information on determining the reliability of sources, please review the following tutorial from the Purdue Global Library: Choosing the best web source.
    1. You can also find additional information about determining reliability of our sources in our Writing Center.
    1. Please also take some time to tour the Purdue Global Library.

Discussion Requirements and Guidelines:

Discussion responses should be on topic, original, and contribute to the quality of the discussion by making frequent informed references to lesson materials. To be considered for full credit:

  • The initial post should be around 200–300 words and answer all Discussion Board topics
  • Include at least two or more responses to classmates that are thoughtful and advance the discussion, each should be at least 50 words, go beyond mere affirmation, and serve to further conversation
  • Academic/authoritative sources of information are utilized to support ideas as needed.
  • Include In-text citations and references following APA style where applicable
  • Spell check all work, use correct grammar, punctuation,
  • Avoid plagiarism and work with the Writing Center as needed
  • Work should display superior content, organization, style, and mechanics, as well as being original and insightful

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