The Red Scare and Hollywood


Mass media is a very broad subject area and in this course we will be looking at brief glimpses of each area. For the final paper in this course, you will be expanding your knowledge on a topic in mass media, mass communication and society. Below is a list of possible topics as examples, and you are free to select from this list or choose another.

Topic: The Red Scare and Hollywood

Once you identify your topic, provide supportive information as to what’s in it for you. In other words, explain to me in a compelling way why you wish to explore this topic in no less than two full paragraphs.

What interests you in this topic?
What do you hope to learn or take away from your research?
What course or learning objective does your proposed topic support? Look through the course objectives and our lesson learning objectives and identify which objectives apply to the topic you are going to pour your time and energy into. There could be more than one! But find at least one and explain to me how your proposed topic aligns to this objective.

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