The Power of Social Media

Module 2 – SLP

The Power of Social Media

Assignment Overview

Writing for Publication

More organizations require employees to write short articles for an online newsletter or blog publication as part of marketing and public relations. Becoming comfortable writing this style of commentary for a general audience is important in an era in which news can be authored by anyone. Today’s consumers of media want quick, informative, and exciting information.

Module 2: SLP Readings

4 Types of Business Writing [And When to Use Them]

4 Easy Ways to Write Effective Blog Posts That Convert (2020)

How to Become a Freelance Writer and Double Your Income (2020)

5 Ways to Grow Your Business Through Blogging (2020)

14 Blogging Instagram Tips and Tools to Master the Gram (2020)

SLP Assignment

Research a controversial scenario/event and create a 200 to 300-word article that discusses the current real-world incident and how your company/organization* is addressing the issue. It may be written in 1st person plural (we, our).

  • Include Hashtags for the article.
    • An example is #military
  • Create hyperlinks within the article to authoritative sources on the subject. Be sure that the article or site to which you are linking is a quality source with which our company wants to be connected.

*Select an organization with which you have a connection. Using a small, local business for the project is acceptable.

SLP Expectations

Use the attached template to create your submission.

Your submission will include:

  • Completed Template
  • BODY OF PAPER: 1 page

Develop and reference your sources of information with References Page, In-text Citations, and APA Title Page formatting from the following Guides and Links:

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