The Origins of World War I

One of the reasons that German leaders were willing to run serious risks of global conflict in 1914 was that they feared the consequences of further growth of Russian military power, which appeared to them to be on a dangerous upward trajectory. Even if the increase in Russian power had not led Russia to attack Austria and Germany at some point in the future-war still being a costly option-greater Russian power would have allowed St. Petersburg to pursue a more aggressive foreign policy in the Balkans and the Near East, where Austria and Russia had conflicting interests. Austrian and German leaders greatly feared the consequences of such a (pro-Slav) Russian foreign policy for the domestic stability of the Austro- Hungarian Empire, thus giving them incentives for a preventive attack on Russia.”

Do you think any aspects of this case of European rivalry leading up to WWI can be helpful when examining whether preventive war is a possibility between the US and China? Why or why not? Please consider whether liberalism, constructivism, or game theoretic/bargaining approaches are the most useful when analyzing these issues. Also, keep in mind that this question not only covers Module 4, but also debates between Graham Allison, James MacDougall, and Howard French in the assigned articles from Module 3.

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