The Needy in the Society

Annotated Bibliography Assignment
Thesis statement: there is a need to approach the urgent problem of homelessness from the perspective of the multi-layered form of exploitation that has been faced by black women. On the one hand, these homeless women are being subjugated based on their gender roles while on the other hand they are also being marginalized based on their racial identity.
Carter, G. R. (2011). From Exclusion to Destitution: Race, Affordable Housing, and Homelessness. Cityscape, 13(1), 33–70.
It is shown in this article that there is a direct relationship that is found between the issues of racism and homelessness since they both can be conceived as a form of marginalization. The marginalization of black women is being realized in two major areas of race and economic deprivation. This article gives us a realistic analysis of the different forms of subjugation that black women are subjected to.
I have found this article to be important since it helps us to challenge our inherited assumptions about the nature of homelessness and it allows us to incorporate a new dimension into the analysis that concentrates on the intersection race and class.
Farrugia, D., & Gerrard, J. (2016). Academic Knowledge and Contemporary Poverty: The Politics of Homelessness Research. Sociology, 50(2), 267–284.
It is shown that there is an abstract theory in the attempt to study the nature of homelessness and because of this; it is not able to understand the real problems of those who are homeless. The research that is carried out on the homeless is only carried out in some circles and is not able to understand the needs of the homeless. This article showed that there is a need to propose concrete solutions for the homeless.
The importance of this article is found on the fact that it shows the limits of the existing body of knowledge and in return calls for a more grounded approach that is founded on the existing realities.
Mai Abdul Rahman. (2015). The Education of District of Columbia Black Homeless Youth: Limits and Possibilities. The Journal of Negro Education, 84(3), 379–400.
The article specifically concentrates on how the youth are dealing with the problem of homelessness. It shows the cons and the pros of the research that is being carried out on the youth. The article managed to show how the youth are vulnerable when it comes to the problem of homelessness.
The article makes a huge contribution as it concentrates on the nature of the youth and the position of vulnerability that they are found in.
Weitzman, B. C. (1989). Pregnancy and Childbirth: Risk Factors for Homelessness? Family Planning Perspectives, 21(4), 175–178.
The article deals with the risks that pregnant and homeless women are faced. It shows that they are not being provided with enough support in the system. It shows that different stakeholders need to work together to alleviate such a problem.
The idea of finding oneself in a risky position and not having a support system is what is emphasized in reference to the positions of black homeless women

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