The paper should include some maps and other illustrations. In addition, you must cite a minimum of three (3) sources.

The contents must cover the following:

I. Origins: The Bearing Straits Land Bridge.
II. The Peopling of the Americas (South, Central and North America)
III. The civilization developed by the Native Americans
IV. The Age of Discovery
V. Christopher Columbus
VI. The coming of the Europeans
VII. The Triangular Slave Trade
VIII. The Atlantic Slave Trade
IX. 1776 and Independence
X. 1865 – Abraham Lincoln and Emancipation Proclamation
XI. What Happened: The Native Americans
XII. What Happened: Blacks In America:
XIII. Contemporary America
XIV. America as a World Power
XV. America Now- President Donald Trump
XVI. Summary: Your Perspectives, Opinions, Views.

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