The legends of Meeker Mansion

General Purpose: to inform the audience of the rich history of Meeker Mansion in Puyallup, Washington.

Target audience: Visitor, locals, and people that are interested in historical backgrounds of my hometown.

Specific Purpose Statement: the Puyallup locals continue to preserve the historic icon of meeker mansion

Main point/thesis statement: Meeker Mansion holds a historical symbol in Puyallup, and the community preserves it from being demolished or forgotten.


  1. Attention getter;

Nothing exists in a vacuum! The rich history of Puyallup city in western Washington was shaped and maintained by legendary locals.

  • Preview of the speech;

Essentially, the Meeker Mansion is a historical symbol within Puyallup city, whose significance is notable by its ability to preserve and uphold the historical aspects of the city.

  • Establish the credibility and goodwill of the speaker: state your qualification (experience/research) to speak about this topic.

18 years growing up in Puyallup Washington, I have learned how Meeker Mansion grew as the icon of Puyallup history.

transition: Move from the introduction into the main point of the body.


  1. The historical Value of meeker mansion in Puyallup;

Meeker Mansion is named after Ezra Meeker, the first Puyallup mayor, following its completion in 1890 (Rule, 2004). Meeker is known for giving the city the name Puyallup.  

     A. Subpoint (As with main points, subpoints should be written in full sentences.)

  1. Sub-subpoint:

 To begin with, it is evident that the historical importance of the Meeker Mansion to the Puyallup city residents is notable by the citizens’ devotion to safeguarding it from being demolished

  • Sub-subpoint

Anderson (2013) “In 1969, the owner of the nursing home in the Meeker Mansion was preparing to raze it, a group of citizens banded together, offering resources and labor to save the wonderful old house” (p. 119).

     B. Subpoint

 Since the establishment of this organization, thousands of dollars have been spent to ensure the public has access to this historical home. Hence, based on such insight, you can confidently support that the locals realize the significance of Meeker Mansion; therefore, the need to reserve it as a historical symbol defining the city’s history.

transition: Use a transition or connective to move from one main point to the next.

One of the recognizable figures in safeguarding the history of the Meeker Mansion is Hazel Hood

II. A single complete sentence expressing the main point of this section of the speech.

  1. Subpoint

According to Anderson (2013), Hood was born in 1913 in Centralia and was a business partner to Ezra Meeker.

          1. She is known for her commitment to saving the Meeker Mansion as noted by Anderson (2013), “Hazel was in on the beginning of the drive to save the Meeker Mansion and, for many, many years, served as correspondence secretary, registrar, curator, and recorder of the history of the society and town” (p. 123).

  1. In her reservation work, she is known for authoring letters to local families, enticing them to contribute to writing “Pacemaker” articles, which have been integral in preserving the Meeker Mansion.

  b. As such, you can add her to your list as one of the most influential record keepers in the history of Puyallup and also a crucial figure in ensuring the conservation of the museum.

transition: Use a transition or connective to move from one main point to the next.

Another notable legend of the Meeker Mansion is Laurienne Minnich. She is recognized for being a volunteer at Meeker Mansion.

III. A single complete sentence expressing the main point of this section of the speech.

     A.           1. Sub-subpoint

          2. Sub-subpoint

     B. Subpoint

          1. Sub-subpoint

          2. Sub-subpoint

          3. Sub-subpoint

     C. Subpoint

transition: Use a transition or connective to move with from the body of the speech to the conclusion.


The conclusion should be written out word for word. The conclusion should contain the following objectives:

     1. Review your main points;

     2. Make a memorable statement.


At least two references are required. The reference section should include your citations following the American Psychological Association (APA) format.

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