The Impact of Race, Gender and Age on the Pretrial Decision

Please first read the article assessment assignment description then read the article keeping in mind these requirements. You are supposed to write 2-3 pages long paper.

Your name

Title of article

Introduction: the key issues, research questions, and key findings being addressed in the article;

Literature Review: the context of the presented research within the article within the criminological literature (for example, does it connect with existing knowledge and literature within the specific area or does it effectively, or ineffectively, contradict what is known?)

  1. What key issues and research questions are being addressed in the literature?
  2. What theories guide the specification of variable relationships?
  3. What are the key findings from research studies? Are they consistent, or do they vary from study to study?
  4. Do you find limitations with the methodological and analytic approaches in the literature?
  5. Are there gaps in the literature, and, if so, what are these gaps?

Data, Methods, and Limitations: a critical assessment of the methodological and statistical approaches used in the analysis that illustrates the study’s methodological and statistical limitations and/or advantages (Please revisit your lecture notes in and).

Discussion: Begin by briefly re-stating the research problem it was stated in the article and answer all of the research questions underpinning the problem that you stated in the introduction.

Discuss the associated theory and its explanation of the relationship between the variables discussed in the article; how does the article test the validity of the theory? Does the theory successfully guide the authors’ research process and illuminate their findings? Discuss how, why or why not.   

Support your thoughts with a logical process of critical thinking that provides irrefutable evidence of your beliefs- provide an informed opinion based on what you have learned doing your article assessment, yet using your own creative thought process.

Alternative Positions – Provide an in-depth description of other alternatives. Consider alternative explanations of the findings.

Conclusion: Use a detailed final description which ties the problem, theory, literature review, position, and alternative positions together into a clear statement which addresses the overall problem. Articulate your recommendation(s) for improving and revising or maintaining an existing policy and framing an agenda for future research and policy recommendations.

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