The Impact Of Globalization On Migration

The research paper is the major assignment for this course. Your essay must be a holistic work that demonstrates considerable research, writing and thinking. The learning objectives of the essay are:
• To contribute to deeper understanding of the theoretical and conceptual issues related to globalization.
• To engage with some of the broad themes of the course.
• To develop effective written communication skills and academic writing style.
• To strengthen critical analysis.

1. Content:
• Clearly formulate the question, thesis or problem you wish to explore and specify its various aspects or components.
• Sort out arguments and evidence, linking them coherently and succinctly.
• Sum up findings or argumentation and specify issues that need further inquiry.
• Cite at least ten (although you are encouraged to go beyond ten) scholarly sources and include them in the bibliography section. Two of the ten should be chapters from George Ritzer’s edited book. You are free to use non-scholarly sources (such as newspapers) as long as your bibliography meets the minimum of ten scholarly sources.

2. Format:
The paper should be 2500-3000 words, excluding bibliography. Your paper should be written with clear and legible fonts such as Arial or Times New Roman and in font size of 12. Please note that:

• The paper should have a cover page which includes name and title of essay; pages should be numbered.
• The use of titles and subtitles for different parts of your essay is facultative, but too many subdivisions must be avoided.
• You should always acknowledge the source of your information, whether concerning facts or arguments.
• If you choose to use footnotes (not a requirement), any commonly used format for the presentation of foot / endnotes can be adopted, in so far as consistency is scrupulously respected.
• For your references and citations, ensure you follow The Chicago Manual of Style (

3. Grading and Evaluation:
This paper is worth 30% of the entire course.
The paper will be evaluated according to the followings criteria:
• Effective communication, academic style, grammar and spelling.
• Clear and logical organization of ideas and pertinent examples.
• Use of scholarly and recent sources.
• Referencing according to academic conventions and standard citation manuals.
• Understanding of key concepts and theories, as well as quality of argumentation.

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