The Igbo

You need to bring two copies of your paper to class on that day if you want to get a copy back with my comments. Here is the outline of your first paper:

 Your language is Igbo, you will need to talk about the following:

a.  Why study Igbo?

b. Who speaks Igbo – people and history

c.  Short presentation on the Igbo language and culture

d.  The genetic classification of Igbo, i.e., what African language family does Igbo belong to?  (for this section, you will need to draw a family tree to show exactly where Igbo stands in linguistic genetic relationship)  The family tree does not have to be too extensive. Just a simple family tree. We will discuss African genetic relationship in class.  Please go over chapter 1 of Mutaka briefly.

Tomorrow we will finish the topic “What do you know if you know a language?”  And what don’t you know when you know a language? Please go over Language Files, Chapter 1 for this information.

Also, if you can include map of the location, that would be a plus.

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