The Function of Language in Navigating Social Relationships and Regulating Emotions

Discussion Assignment Instructions
The student will complete 2 Discussions in this course. For each thread, students must support their assertions with at least 2 scholarly citations in APA format as well as 1 scriptural citation. Each reply also must incorporate at least 1 unique scholarly citation in APA format as well as 1 unique scriptural citation. Acceptable sources include the textbook(s), scholarly journals, scholarly books, and the Bible.
The purpose of the current assignment is for students to critically evaluate the function of language in navigating social relationships and regulating emotions. For the current discussion, please address the following issues in your thread:

  1. Propose and develop an idea for an original correlational research study that explores the relationship between some aspect of language/communication and some aspect of social or emotional functioning (EX’s: the relationship between marital satisfaction and the quality and frequency of communication between spouses; the relationship between a therapist’s ability to convey empathy and the strength of the therapeutic alliance; the correlation between high- or low-context communication and frustration in work relationships; the association between the content of self-talk and mood). When explaining your proposed study, be sure to address the following issues using scholarly support:

    o Clearly identify and describe the two dependent variables that you intend to investigate in your correlational study, and operationally define how you intend to measure them.
    o Build an argument for and state your correlational research hypothesis(es).
    o Identify who your research sample would be.
    o Discuss one potential problem with your proposed research design and explain at least one way that you could address it.
  2. Using at least one scriptural citation, discuss the relationship between language and how we think, feel, and/or behave from a biblical perspective.
    Replies: In your replies, reflect on the main points that your classmates addressed in their threads. Extend discussion by critically analyzing your classmates’ rationale and providing UNIQUE scholarly AND scriptural citations to build on your classmates’ posts and to advance the thinking of others when addressing the following issues:
  3. Using UNIQUE scholarly support, evaluate the correlational research study that your classmates proposed in their threads by addressing the following issues:
    o Were the variables under investigation operationally defined in a valid and persuasive way?
    o Was the argument for the research hypothesis(es) logical and compelling?
    o Was the proposed research sample adequate for drawing generalizeable inferences?
  4. Using UNIQUE scriptural support, explain whether you agree or disagree with your classmates’ rationale regarding the relationship between language and how we think, feel, and/or behave from a biblical perspective.

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