The English Patient Book

The analysis essay will consist of an Introduction paragraph that will contain the Thesis. This is followed by the Body of the Essay which starts with a paragraph that briefly summarizes the work, and then continues with a series of paragraphs that prove each part of the thesis using analysis of literary elements. The last part of the essay is the Conclusion. The essay is laid out like this:

I. The Introduction, leading to the Thesis.
 Do you have a hook?
 Do you state the title and author of your story in the first one or two sentences?
 Is the title of the novel italicized?
 Do you give a 2-4 sentence summary of the story?
 Is your thesis at the end of your introduction?

II. The Body of the Essay, starting with a brief summation paragraph, then multiple paragraphs proving the thesis, part X, (using symbol, setting, character, etc) more paragraphs proving the thesis, part Y, (using symbol, setting, character, etc) more paragraphs proving the thesis, part Z, (using symbol, setting, character, etc).
Does each body paragraph only discuss one main point?
 Does each body paragraph have a topic sentence?
 Does each topic sentence have enough support?
 Did you use quotation sandwiches in each paragraph?
 Are all direct quotes from the story correctly written and in quotation marks? Did you include the page numbers? (Remember, Ondaatje belongs in the parenthetical citation not the name of the character who uttered the quote.)
 Are all quotes explained in your own words? Commentary! (Use top and bottom buns, I will be looking specifcally for sandwiched quotes.)
 Does each body paragraph relate to the thesis?
 Do you have transitions between body paragraphs that make them flow smoothly together?

III. The Conclusion.
Do you reflect on your thesis?
Do you summarize your main points?
Does your paper tie up all loose ends?

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