The Cherokee Freedmen

Write a research paper on the Cherokee nation and the problem with African Americans the freedmen ( first, write about the history and how the problem started and why still they haven’t solved it, the most important thing in the research is to look for a recent cases and what are the latest updates, you must give ideas on how to solve the current tribal issue. 
This means, instead of looking at the past and discussing how things went wrong, you get to solve the problem. 
Be critical, be realistic
. Keep the many different groups in mind that have a stake inland
, and the layers of political influence ranging from the tribal council to the Supreme Court. Write whats the tribe’s governmental structure and their particular stake in the issue.
1. Identify an Indigenous group
2. Do some research on the tribe (members, territory, governing structure): 
• How are decisions made? Were they moved to their territory or has it been historically been theirs? 
• How does the selected issue affect the tribe and how does it affect others? 
• Who are the stakeholders in this issue (who are the political players)?
3. Craft a research question around a potential solution(s) to 
that issue.
4. Focus your research on real-world approaches meant to implement a strategy for resolving the issue identified
• You may outline a step by step process

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