The Brady Rule Reflection

The Brady rule is a rule used in prosecution where the prosecutors have to disclose any material evidence in government possession to the defense team (Daugherty & Reinganum, 2018). Failure of the prosecution team to admit the evidence to the defense team, the proof of the defendant’s case is suppressed, and the defendant may be granted a longer sentence or a harsher punishment by the court.
In my final paper, I will explain the Brady rule has great importance in enhancing fairness in a court of law. When the government has insufficient evidence to defend the defendant, the law takes its course, and a proper punishment is given to the defendant. If there is sufficient evidence in the government possession to prevent the defendant’s incarceration, the defendant is accorded justice and not punished (Daugherty & Reinganum, 2018). However, there must be sufficient evidence to prove the defendant is not guilty in this case. I think the rule is fair in ensuring that the defendants find proper justice in a court of law when there is sufficient evidence to prove that the defendant is not guilty. Also, in my opinion, I find the Brady rule important in the prevention of wrongful prosecution. In a case where a defendant cannot prove themselves not guilty, the evidence speaks on behalf of the defendant. When the prosecution discloses the evidence, there is fairness, and the defendant cannot be wrongfully be prosecuted.

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