The Basics of Health Promotion

  1. Share your own one sentence definitions for each of the following terms: health, health promotion, and alternative approaches to healthcare.
  2. Discuss two (2) specific health promoting behaviors that you see your colleagues using, and two (2) specific additional ones seen in your patients/clients. Provide example(s) of the type of alternative treatment and the situation in which it was used.
  3. Identify two (2) specific health promotion behaviors you practice in your own life. Is this a recent change or have you been doing so for years? What made you decide to implement these behaviors? 
  4. In what specific ways would you like to see your patients and clients using alternative health treatments?  
  5. Could health promotion and alternative medicine become a regular, consistent part of your practice? In what way? How do you think your colleagues and patients/clients would react to these?
  6. What theory or model of health promotion best describes your beliefs? Explain why briefly and provide an example of using the model for health promotion behaviors either personally or professionally.

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