Testing and Verifying Data

Before the conversion of data, teams need to ensure unit, system, volume, online application teste need to be carried out before the sighed off by the business agreement. Each unit of work, the full- volume upload and online application test stage as early as possible to test and ensure of several units of work may need to be completed and online test can be done in the initial stages. This stage helps avoiding and preventing storing up issues until too late in the development stage, and that cause expensive to rectify. Another issue is that data is changing in the source systems, when migration process is in development. Creating a profile and auditing of the sources, that is possible to rerun the audit to access any changes and taking appropriate necessary action. That has to be done before the milestones of all major projects stages, to facilitate to continue, stop and necessary decisions. There are many complexities involved in carrying out data migration testing and verifying, a small miss that can cause in any aspect of verification during testing will lead to the risk of failure of the data migration project. It is important to consider carrying out and careful through study and analysis of the system before starting the project and after the migration. Planning and designing the effective migration strategy with the robust tools along with the experts, skilled and trained users to test the systems.
Migration has huge impact on business processes, quality of the applications, data, files, databases, programs. The teams to verify the entire systems in all aspects like accuracy, validation, verification, performance, usability, integrity, reliability, completeness, compatibility, consistency, relevance and timeliness which will turn to ensure “Data Migration” successfully.

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