Terrorist Assessment

Question 1

Essays: Choose two essays below. Each essay is worth 25 points- total 50%

1. Apply a risk management model to one of the eleven CIKR. Explain the threat(s),

countermeasures and whether these are adequate.

2. Of the eight areas relative to 9/11 Risk Management that the US suffered in, which would

you rate the highest. Explain why and provide an example where this has been improved

and how?

3. When looking at the terrorist assessment and the specific factors assessed, which would

consider the most significant? Explain by applying one factor to an example and how

threat assessment comes into play?

Question 2

300 words

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS), and The Joint Commission (TJC) require that health care organizations maintain risk management programs to address infection control.

Detail three measures that your health care organization (or any health care organization) needs to address in the delivery of safe health care services. (Example: Placing hand washing devices at all of the public entrances of the health care facility).

Support your response with a minimum of two peer-reviewed references.

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