Terrorism Class Questions

Required Textbook:
Juergensmeyer, M. (2017). Terror in the mind of God: The global rise of religious violence (4th
ed.). Oakland, CA: University of California.

Chapter 1 through 4

One page essay per question. Question at the top of page, the rest of the page for answering. It can go over if need be. One page is the minimum.


Chapter 1 begins with:

Introduction: Terror and God

On November 13, 2015, a gang of Belgian and French youths of North African and Middle Eastern ancestry slipped into Paris for a night

Chapter 2:

Soldiers for Christ

Even before 9/11 and the ISIS attacks in Paris in 2015, Europeans and Americans were learning to live with shocking, disturbing incidents of violence laced with the passion of religion. Prior to the 9/11 attacks i

Chapter 3

Zion Betrayed

Writing on his blog post on August 11, 2015, a young Israeli activist, Meir Ettinger, decried what he regarded as the State of Israel’s betrayal of Zionism.

Chapter 4

Islam’s “Neglected Duty”

“They believe in some strange religion, not Islam,” a Muslim refugee from the Iraq city of Ramadi told me when I talked with him in a camp

Paper description

Organize your thoughts by using paragraphs, and write well.  Do not cite sources or quote marterial. Express in your own words. Primary source material will be chapters from your reader and class discussions.  I need to see evidence that you’ve thoroughly understood what is being asked and that you’ve addressed all aspects of each question. You may wish to consult the Typical Problems with Essays Power Point in Canvas. Simply insert your answers below each question (keep all of your work in this one document). Please double-space your text.


1st page

Question 1:  Discuss the meaning of terrorism, especially the “new terrorism.” Dr. Juergensmeyer states that “the line is very thin between ‘terrorists’ and their ‘nonterrorist’ supporters.” What did he mean by that Do you think that his statement is justified?

2nd page

Question 2:  There is the belief in several terrorist organizations, that a supernatural being will appear only after certain governmental relationships are accomplished. Discuss the similar beliefs of postmillennialism in certain Christian groups, the rebuilding of the Temple in Israeli thought, and the advent of the Mahdi in Islamic belief.

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