For this week’s discussion, we will be exploring Termination/Follow-Up.  This is the final of the Four Pillars of Social Work. Termination begins at the beginning of the social work relationship.  Why? Because a social worker’s job is to work themselves out of the job.  This means that the purpose of the social work relationship is to be temporary.  This is why it is essential to set meaningful and achievable goals during Engagement and revisit these goals periodically during Assessment and Intervention.  Termination/Follow-Up is also where we, as professional social workers contact the client to ‘check-in’ and learn how they are post or after the intervention.  What important information might we be able to learn while checking-in with the client? Let’s explore this in the below questions.  

For our discussion, please listen to and read the lyrics of Oddisee’s song The Goings On and reply to the below questions.   Make sure to apply, incorporate, weave in and APA cite the course materials for Week 4/Module 4 wherever they can be applied. 

1. When does termination of the social work relationship truly begin? How come? 

2. What might Oddisee’s song/lyrics teach us about termination that can be applied to the social work relationship? 

3. What is one bias that you have that may show up in the termination stage of The Four Pillars of Social Work? Please describe how this bias may show up? 

4. What is one ethical concern that you want to make sure that you consider, as a social work professional, when terminating the social work relationship with the client? 

Please respond to all four of the discussion questions. 

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