Technology Tools to Enhance Learning

Discussion 3

For this week’s discussion, I would like you to read the attached scholarly article on technology. Please discuss the following (You should have at least one paragraph per question):

The purpose of Carstens et al. (2021) study was to analyze the effects of technology on student learning. As Carstens et al. explained in the K-12 setting, technology can benefit student learning, but it can also be detrimental to the educational process. This could also occur in the K-20 setting.

1. Based on your experience, whether working in the K-12 setting, university setting, or other organizational environment, mention some technology tools that have helped you engage your students or co-workers (i.e., stakeholders) for the enhancement of learning.

2. Under the Expanding Learning heading of the literature review section, Carstens et al. cited Bitner and Bitner (2002) regarding eight different areas that seem to help with integration of technology. Based on your experience, select two areas and discuss why they are important to integrating technology into the classroom or any professional workshops.  


No Direct Quotes, No Bullets, No Abbreviations, and No Contractions allowed . . . your full interpretation of the content and in an academic sentence/paragraph format (i.e., at least 5 sentences per paragraph).  Your response should address each of the questions presented. 

Responses to Initial Discussions  
Responses to discussion questions are expected to be comprehensive, well organized, and well written. They must demonstrate familiarity with the material covered (i.e., assigned readings, scholarly sources), ability to explicate ideas discussed (e.g., clear presentation of key terms and ideas), and interpretation and application of the material in relevant contexts (i.e., how the ideas relate to concrete situations in today’s environments).

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