Technology Solution

The following critical elements must be addressed:

V. Findings and Recommendations: In this section, you will recommend the technology solution that you believe is most appropriate for the business based on how well each technology meets the requirements.

Recommend and outline the full technology solution for the scenario, and defend why that solution is appropriate. Indicate the key technology concepts selected to the proposal that respond effectively to the scenario.
Explain how the solution fully responds to the business problem stated in the chosen scenario.
VI. Security Procedures: In this section, you will briefly explain going forward what the procedures and response methods will be called upon in the event of a breach or security incident. Indicate what members of the security or technology staff will be assigned to a response team, also what third-parties will be called upon to assist in any forensic investigation. Refer to Weeks 5 and 6 for forensic details and indicate in the report your methods as they relate to the scenario.

Explain the security procedures for reporting and responding to an “event” and how your recommended technology solution will be incorporated.
Briefly explain what your organization should consider in regard to security services from the outside as you note those third-parties that may be called upon for computer forensic expertise.
Briefly describe the internal safeguards that should be put in place in your organization to guard against security incidents in the future. Name suitable business policy examples
VII. Closing Thoughts: In this closing section, you will cover the overall lessons learned in this research report. Explain how the process taken to understand the key criteria within your chosen scenario, and offer reflective perspective on how scenarios like this offer learning opportunities for others. What is the one aspect you might have done differently? What alternative approach or point of view is yet to be determined? Summarize the experience in a closing paragraph or two

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