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Students use a variety of technologies on a daily basis. By being familiar with available technology programs, school counselors can use the technology to pique the interest of students. Students understand and relate to technology, which might increase student participation.

Create a matrix that identifies three technologies school counselors can use (e.g., applications, computer programs, and Internet sites) for social-emotional skills, academic/educational planning, or career planning.

For each technology identified, include:

  • The grade level for which the technology is most appropriate.
  • The skills the technology teaches students or has students work on (e.g., study skills, emotional regulation, self-esteem, grief, social skills, academic/career planning, and conflict resolution skills).
  • How the technology teaches the identified skills.
  • How the technology enhances school counseling for students.
  • The strengths or benefits of using the technology.
  • Possible improvements of the technology based on your field experience and interactions with students.

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