Teacher Development to Ensure Student Success

Your district has received a grade of C on their State Report card for the last three years.  The School Board and the Superintendent are feeling the heat.  The Superintendent has asked each principal to develop a plan that addresses the specific needs of students.  Because of your school’s success with meeting the needs of each student, you have been asked to work with a team of principals to develop a plan that includes multiple aspects of school leadership.  You and the team will present your plan at a summer retreat for all district administrators.

Your plan is to include at least three sections as follows:

  • Getting the right people on staff at your school.  6.1, 6.2 Consider
    • Recruiting and hiring
    • Induction and Mentoring of new staff members
    • Retention of the right people
    • Ongoing support for faculty and staff
  • Assessment of Data used to determine needs.  Include multiple data sources, not just academic, instructional, assessment data. 5.3
    • Identify services/programs needed to meet needs of students
      • Include accommodations
      • Include extracurricular opportunities
    • Identify personnel needed to provide services
  • Development of cohesive faculty and staff
    • Through support of faculty and staff, determine how to ensure that all are on the same page with a laser focus on student success.
    • As a faculty, determine how to develop and maintain an identity within the community. 8.4
    • Identify key leaders from faculty and staff.
      • Nurture productive relationship with community partners.
      • Identify strengths and needs as well as resources to share that will support student success.
      • Develop and use a leadership team.
      • Identify and use specific skills among leadership team members

Use research from at least five sources to compile your plan.  Cite your sources throughout your plan and at the end.  Use APA format and required information in your citations and references. 

Your plan will include:

  • Title slide
  • Introduction
  • Staffing
  • Assessment
  • Development
  • Conclusion
  • References

To present the plan, you may use PowerPoint, Prezi, or another format.  THEN, record yourself sharing the plan as though you were presenting to your district’s school and district leaders.  For the assignment, upload both the plan and the recording.

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