Task 2 − CPD

This task requires you to evidence your commitment and approach to continuing professional development (CPD). It is divided into three activities, which must all be completed.

There are 2 different options for how you complete the 3 activities: these are

  • The CIPD Profession Map Self-Assessment Tool,
  • Offline documentation.

Produce a CPD portfolio including:

Activity 1:

  • In the main body of your assignment, write a short summary (approx. 150 words), of the information used to inform your assessment
  • Add your assessment pages as an appendix.

Activity 2:

  • In the main body of your assignment, write a short explanation (approx. 250 words) for your choice of development activities
  • Add the relevant pages from your development/learning plan as an appendix

Activity 3:

  • Written reflections on 3 development activities (approx. 750 words)

*please ensure you refer to the grading grid and assessment brief for further guidance and information*

Task 2 − Activity 1

ActivityCriteriaSignpost to VLC
Using a range of information, including feedback from others, assess your practice against the FIVE CIPD Profession Map core behaviours listed below. The 5 core behaviours (all to be selected at associate level) are: Ethical PracticeProfessional Courage and InfluenceValuing PeopleWorking InclusivelyPassion for LearningAC 2.3 Reflect on your own approach to working inclusively and building positive working relationships with others.   AC 3.2 Assess your strengths, weaknesses and development areas based on self- assessment and feedback from others.Week 4

Task 2 − Activity 2

ActivityCriteriaSignpost to VLC
Having identified your main development needs in relation to these 5 areas, formulate appropriate development activities to meet these needs and add these to your professional development/learning plan.AC 3.3 Formulate a range of formal and/or informal continuing professional development (CPD) activities to support your learning journey.Week 4

Task 2 − Activity 3

ActivityCriteriaSignpost to VLC
A key element of CPD is reflecting on the impact of our learning, so that we can make further decisions about how to progress. Select 3 formal or informal development activities you have undertaken over the last 12 months and reflect on how each of these activities has impacted your behaviour and performance. (Consider how effective the activity has been and the extent of its impact. You might also consider what new needs or action points the activity raised for you.) Note: this reflection is retrospective and not connected to the activities planned in activity 2.AC 3.4 Reflect on the impact of your continuing professional development activities on own behaviour and performance.Week 4

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