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Fly Lab Report Guide


APA Style will be used in the Fly Lab Report. Both running head and in-text citations are needed. The font should be uniform. Choose either Times New Roman or Calibri as the font of your document. The font size can be 12 or 13. The title can be bolded on the same font sizes. Paragraph spacing should be double.Margins on all sides are necessary. The alignment should be justified. Page numbers should be present on the main section of the report.

Cover Page:

The cover page should be double spaced, centered, and include the following information: a title, your name, instructor’s name, class name, and date.

Sections to the report:

There will be four sections in the report:

  • Introduction:
  • Materials/Methodology:
  • Results:
  • Discussion

Write a short background on fruit flies and introduce the theories that is necessary for the project. DO NOT list them out, discuss them in detail. Be sure to have correct in-text citations. You may include pictures or figures to further explain information. If pictures or figures are used, there must be a figure/picture number and a caption.

All materials used in project should be included. In methodology, you should discuss how the experiment was set up and performed. This is where you should introduce the different crosses used in the project.

Form tables and charts to display data collected in the experiment. You should be able to show observed values for your theories. YOU CANNOT HAVE RAW DATA AS YOUR RESULTS! The raw data should be included in an annex after the References page. All tables in Results Section should have a proper table number and title. After each table, there should be a short summary of the information presented in the table.

In the discussion, you should analyze the results from the experiment. You can refer to specific table numbers from the Results section and compare it with expected theoretical values for the theories introduced in the Introduction.

You can add a conclusion section to wrap up the conclusions of your report. Acknowledgement is another section that can be included.


Your references should be on a separate page. At least five references (all from valid and reliable sources), at least two should be peer- reviewed articles.

An annex is required to include your raw data.

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